Expertise in managing your incoming calls & outgoing

Telephone calls are at the heart of B2B and B2C communication. Telephone prospecting, customer assistance, after-sales service or appointment scheduling, they meet a variety of objectives. Offshore call centers specialize in this sector. Take advantage of Ezway Technology’s recognized expertise in reception and transmission
phone calls.

Call reception services

Telephone call answering involves handling incoming calls on behalf of a company or brand. These calls may come from customers with specific requests, or from various employees.
At Ezway Technology, our call center agents can handle the following inbound call management tasks:

Telephone reception

A friendly telephone greeting is essential to maintaining a good relationship with your customers.
customers and prospects. Our teleconsultants are available to take your calls at any time.
They can manage agendas, provide information on specific services or information, or transfer important calls.
Your offshore call center remains at your disposal for any requests for telephone reception services. Nous pouvons également nous charger de la prise de rendez-vous et de la mise à jour de vos calendriers.

Customer care

Depending on customers’ needs and expectations, they can seek personal assistance from
from you. Inbound call management can include customer care and after-sales services.
At Ezway Technology, we can handle any request for :

  • taking orders, managing sales operations ;
  • exchange of products, return of items for various reasons ;
  • order follow-up and complaints.

Our services

Call origination services

Telephone call origination involves managing a company’s outgoing calls. The offshore call center’s mission is to contact customers or prospects for a variety of reasons:

  • telephone prospecting ;
  • sell products, services or promote offers;
  • conduct telephone surveys.

Cold call

Cold call is a common way for companies to generate leads. The offshore call center’s mission will be to arrange appointments with the people contacted as part of your prospecting.
Gathering information useful for your sales and marketing operations is also one of the company’s key functions.
the objectives of our call center agents.

Telephone surveys

Carrying out telephone surveys is a practical and cost-effective way of obtaining different types of information from your prospects. These surveys can be used for a variety of purposes and in many different contexts: marketing campaigns, satisfaction measurement, targeting, sampling…
Ezway Technology can handle your telephone surveys from A to Z. We have the resources and skills to handle this type of outbound call.

Sale of products/services

Far beyond telephone prospecting, outbound call management can extend to sales services for a variety of products and services. The offshore call center will present different sales pitches to prospects to arouse their interest and easily close sales.
At Ezway Technology, we interact naturally with our contacts. Our telephone advisors answer all their questions with clear, pertinent answers.

Why entrust us with the management of your inbound and outbound calls?

Managing inbound and outbound calls requires expertise in communication and customer relations. At Ezway Technology, we have a team of teleconsultants who are experts in making appointments, reception & telephone prospecting, and customer assistance.

We’re open to all your needs, and we’d be delighted to take on any project involving the reception and transmission of telephone calls. We process your requests quickly, so you can gain competitive advantage in your customer relations. With Ezway Technology, you benefit from :

  • a dedicated contact for all your telephone call transmission and reception projects;
  • confident support for your incoming and outgoing calls;
  • caring for your customers and prospects;
  • a major asset to the success of your sales, marketing, sales, survey and prospecting operations.

Our telephone advisors master all the subtleties of managing incoming and outgoing calls. Empathetic and persevering, they are personally committed to your telephone projects.