Community Management

Good visibility on social networks remains a major asset for developing your brand image.

More and more companies and start-ups are appearing there to expand their networks. 

Community management appeared with the advent of social media.

Social media management

Social media management translates into the management of social networks. His concept gained in
popularity in recent years with the constant increase in Internet users who
join these networks.
Community management facilitates exchanges between brands, companies and their subscribers or
target audience on social networks. A real asset for your online communication strategy,
its presence makes it easy to achieve a better e-reputation. At Ezway technology, we:

  • analyzes the targeted market (B2B or B2C) according to the sector of activity to better define your
    positioning ;
  • determines relevant social networks to join according to the brand’s objectives;
  • involved in the development of your web marketing strategy on social networks;
  • takes care of the animation of your community: the publication of the various posts,
    the organization of competitions, responses to comments, etc.;
  • produces periodic activity reports based on numerous performance indicators

Our agency also carries out social monitoring and competitive monitoring of brands/companies on social networks.

Why outsource your community management?

Outsourcing social media management has many advantages for developing your visual identity.

Improving its brand image

By entrusting the management of social networks to a community manager, you accept external help to improve your brand image. Thanks to his expertise in the field, he will be able to bring a different, innovative and relevant approach to your social media campaigns.

At Ezway technology we can easily define a personalized web marketing strategy on social networks for your brand based on your needs. Our knowledge of market trends in B2B and B2C will also benefit you in improving the quality of your online offers/services.

Cost reduction,

from the budget

Outsourcing your community management also means benefiting from a reduction in your production costs. You can easily save money by reducing the additional costs associated with recruiting and hiring an internal community manager.

Our agency manages your social media accounts at the best price. It frees you from significant salary costs while optimizing your brand image on these networks. Today, more than half of SMEs using outsourcing of their community management can confirm this.

A more flexible and beneficial collaboration

Recruiting an internal person to manage your social networks requires commitments and obligations on your part. By outsourcing the management of these networks, you benefit from more flexible collaboration with fewer commitments and pressures.

With a community management agency, you can freely define the terms of the collaboration contract. Although exchanges take place remotely, we use numerous means of communication to ensure your social media management.

Outsource your community management: why choose us?

Ezway Technology supports you in developing your brand image on social networks. We are able to satisfy all your needs to achieve excellent visibility on these networks.

Depending on your marketing or digital communication objectives, our experienced community managers offer you tailor-made services. They can understand all the constraints and specificities that determine the success of your brand on social networks. They have the know-how and skills required to develop and consolidate your community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Very competitive, we act quickly to provide you with the benefit of our expertise in social media management. We are 100% committed to any social media management and web design project.