Tailor-made support in web application development

Powerful and adaptive, web applications are enjoying resounding success with online brands and businesses. They allow the management, access and sharing of different information from any web browser. Expert in web development, EzwayTechnology supports you in all your tailor-made web application development projects.

What is a web application?

A web application is a web platform dedicated to the creation, sharing and management of all kinds of data online. It allows users to perform several actions and engage in interactions with each other.

A web application is hosted on a web server and available from any web browser. It is displayed among search engine results. Moreover, no download is necessary to access its features.

Specializing in web development, our agency supports you in all your digital projects, whether it involves:

From the creation of web interfaces to their application maintenance, our teams are involved at all stages of your projects.

Web application development: why choose Ezway?

Web application development: why choose By entrusting the development of your web applications to EzwayTechnology, you benefit from exceptional expertise and know-how in this area.Ezway? Our agency is committed to supporting you in the deployment of applications and web platforms at the cutting edge of the latest technologies. We can :

  • design the prototyping, interfaces and technical points of your web applications;
  • design all design elements, agile application development;
  • set up the panes, modules, points and interactive elements associated with web applications;
  • carry out the production launch of applications and scalable maintenance operations.

Our web developers design tailor-made web applications to help you gain competitiveness. Listening to your needs, they put their skills at the service of your brand, online business. With EzwayTechnology, you benefit from:

  • dedicated strategic support in web application development;
  • web solutions that meet your objectives and ambitions;
  • web applications with responsive, captivating design, equipped with interactive and innovative features.

Focus on our methodology

At EzwayTechnology, we take any web application development project to heart. From defining your objectives to deploying web platforms, our teams are fully invested in your projects. Our approach methodology is based on the needs expressed by our clients.

1- Definition of objectives

We analyze your needs and together define the objectives of your web project. This step is essential for designing web applications that meet your expectations.

2- Writing specifications

Each web application development project is unique. We draw up specific specifications including the details relating to the project: marketing strategy, ergonomics, visual identity, etc.

3- Development of the web application

Our web developers design your web applications based on the specified needs and the elements mentioned in the specifications. They set up their different components, modules, basic and additional functionalities.

4- Deployment, monitoring & maintenance

Our services are not limited to the development of tailor-made web applications. Indeed, our teams intervene after the design of your web platforms to carry out monitoring and application maintenance missions. We carry out performance tests and monitoring to maintain the life cycle of your web applications and optimize their functionalities.

Different types of web applications to develop

Static web applications

These web applications highlight static data/information such as curriculum, portfolios or brand presentation pages.

Dynamic web applications

These web applications load information from a central database that is frequently updated. They present a more complex content structuring compared to a static application.

E-commerce web applications

These web applications are dedicated to e-commerce. They allow users to:

  • make online purchases;
  • reserve services;
  • make secure payments from their favorite browser.

Portal web applications

These web applications are designed with home pages linked to different sections, sections
or categories of data. They allow users to easily access forums for
discussion or reserved access areas.