Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is one of today’s most widespread digital professions. It enables startups to find the right solution to nurture their relationships with customers and optimize their visibility on the Internet. Having a virtual assistant to carry out certain time-consuming tasks is a real asset for any company.

What is Virtual Assistance?

A virtual assistant operates remotely to carry out the tasks entrusted to it. He is able to carry out all the tasks a company needs, according to his instructions. Although remote, it’s easy to collaborate with this professional via specific tools like Google Drive and similar applications.

What are the roles and missions of a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistance professionals provide a wide range of services. They are versatile. They represent a company to its customers. They are also called upon to improve the customer experience within a company with a view to building loyalty. They generally perform the same functions as assistants in traditional companies.

The virtual assistant profession includes various technical specifications such as :

  • Administrative tasks: handling telephone calls, invoicing, e-mails and planning, taking minutes at meetings, organizing travel, bookkeeping, diary management…
  • Customer relationship management by telephone: advising customers, sales, collecting data on prospects, managing user complaints.
  • Project management: organizing promotional events or a conference, monitoring an existing product, launching a new offer.
  • Digital marketing: creating web content for social networks and the company blog
    communication and advertising management, collaboration management…
  • Sales follow-up: customer prospecting, sales follow-up, closing…
  • Technical assistance: managing bugs, implementing new features…

Why entrust your project to us?

Most contractors often don’t have enough time to complete all their daily tasks. But they need to increase their efficiency and focus more on the most important aspects of their business. In this case, working with a virtual assistant is a considerable asset. Ezway Technology offers you :

  • A team of virtual assistants to save you time on all those time-consuming tasks that don’t require strategic decision-making.
  • A team of versatile assistants with whom you can delegate a wide range of tasks.
  • Follow-up: we keep in touch with you throughout our partnership to assess its effectiveness. We’ll suggest areas for improvement and identify any new needs you may have.

Our services

Assistant Accountant

Our accounting support service is responsible for managing your company’s incoming and outgoing cash flow. He updates the accounts journal regularly.

Administrative Assistant

Our administrative assistance professionals are your allies for all your administrative tasks (e-mail and call management, document organization and classification, diary management…).

Human Resources Assistant

Our HR assistants will take care of recruiting staff tailored to your needs and requirements. They develop special techniques to select the best profiles.

SEO Writer

Our SEO writers can create quality articles to optimize your website’s natural referencing. They write blog articles, product sheets, buying guides, newsletters and e-books…

Community manager

Our community managers manage your company’s image on social networks. They take charge of creating visual and textual content, moderation, crisis management, creating a digital communications strategy, creating and animating a community, monitoring the web…

Business development

Our virtual assistants for sales prospecting optimize all your marketing actions. They collect important information about your prospects, or arrange appointments to develop your sales.